Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales -oil/panel - 12"x9"
This painting is reserved for a coming exhibit.
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My evenings here in the mountains, close to the Burmese/Chinese Thai boarder, are spent painting out on the balcony of my room. To be honest, the landscape here has just felt so overwhelmingly beautiful I just don't know where to start with painting, and have felt content to take photos as I left my plein air easel in Bangkok.

So, in the evenings, after my travels and explorations of the surrounding areas, I have been enjoying working with still life objects, and from collected reference.
It is so relaxing here! The villages are so charming, and as the sun sets the sweet smells from the various local restaurants and food stalls situated outside of peoples homes, remind me to put my brushes down and begin on a culinary trek!

When creating a piece like this I am thinking a lot about my time spent at the Art League in New York City.
The studio I worked in there was lite by natural light, which streamed in slowly and diffused through the skylight windows over head. This atmosphere of light was magnified by the cold winter mornings. It was a magical experience to see the set up and stage come alive, as the light fell over the various assembled objects. It's an experience that has never left me, and I can summon that atmosphere and flowing movement of light to help orchestrate a painting like this, even if the lighting is not exactly as I may want.

- Richard

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