Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Tomato Basket

The Tomato Basket - oil/panel - 12"x9"
This painting is reserved for a future exhibit, for pricing on works like this please email, info@richardhearns.com

Over the past few years I have been influenced and inspired by many 19th century paintings.
During my time earlier this year, at the Art Students League of New York, I really got to explore some of the ideas around creating paintings of this genera in advance of my exhibit there.

Over the last couple of weeks, and since arriving in Thailand, I have been revisiting some of the ideas developed in the League studio.

The afternoons in these rural agricultural villages such as Maesarong, which is situated in the far north reaches of Thailand, on the Chinese/Burmese boarder have been spent setting up and painting Still Life from life and collected reference. Looking forward to share these pieces with you over the coming weeks.

- Richard

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