Monday, January 14, 2013

Life Energy and Painting in Thailand

The past two months spent here in Thailand have been so very rewarding and renewing.
Rewarding and renewing in the sense I get from all the old friendships rekindled with the community I have got to know so intimately here. Spending my days painting in the open air, training most evenings and being by the sea  also reminds me of the continuous flow of energy through the world, and through all of us.
Tapping into that ebb and flow continues to be a great challenge. Keeping my eyes and heart open to  see my subjects, feel inspiration and not getting distracted by others or unimportant outside events.

It's all about priorities. Painting each day and in such intense sunshine does present some problems, but I can feel a momentum building these last couple of weeks and will continue to spend each morning out hunting for new subjects. I've been strapping my easel and palette to my scooter of late and do seem to be able to get around the place with my paint box in hand.

Here are some pics of places I spend my time each day here on the island.

AM - writing in my notebook over the rocks by the sea.

AM - Finding a shaded spot if I am lucky in which to begin my work.

MIDDAY - Out further a field seeking new interesting subjects.

EVENING - Some of my friends here have been kind enough to model for me while I endeavor to improve through painting from life.

Waiting for the sunset each day here.

Sunset. Then it's dinner time!

'Masterchef'  has not got a patch on This Crew!

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