Thursday, January 24, 2013

White Jug with Orange and Green

White Jug with Orange and Green - 12"x9" - sold

Another example of an initial blocking in and the placement of objects.
From these roughs I can get a good idea and feel for my colours and the concept of how the light works or 'reads' across the canvas.

This is the last of the classical arrangements I will post for a while. Some more recent contemporary compositions will follow shortly.

Most nights spent here in Thailand so far have been spent painting still life, more recently I have been setting up my objects in a wooden shuttered box frame which is lite with one light. Each piece I have made to date has started with a strong colour concept and each painting seems to have a strong A - symmetrical composition.

I will post some image of the set up soon with some pics of these more recent pieces.

- Richard

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