Thursday, April 4, 2013

A different kind of Art, Building Energy and Sean Scully.

Richard Hearns - Visual Artist - Preforms Kenpo Karate - Form One, in Thailand 2013

Yesterday I took a walk from my studio to the Hugh Lane Galley, and to my delight was greeted by a collection of works entitled 'Doric', by the renowned Dublin born artist Sean Scully.

Always on seeing paintings by Sean, I am reminded of a documentary called 'The Bloody Canvas', which I watched a few years ago. This fascinating documentary draws parallels between the worlds of art, traditional boxing and the martial arts.

You can only imagine my surprise when I discovered that Sean Scully, who is now sixty eight years of age, also practices the discipline of Karate, and has had a life long interest in boxing and Martial Arts as I have had.

Over the past ten years I have found the discipline of Martial Arts, to be extremely beneficial, both to my art practice and life in general. My time away from home in Thailand over the years has always been filled with my martial art training and painting, and this year was no exception.

Today I want to share with you this 'different kind of art practice' that I have studied.
I have found the disciplined practice of martial arts enables me to build vast amounts of energy, which then in turn filters into my art practice and my painting.

In 2005 I won first place in my category for this Form, at the World Kenpo Karate Championships.
I hope it made my grandfather proud!

Here is a link to a 'short' from that incredible documentary ' The Bloody Canvas '.

- Richard

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