Monday, April 15, 2013

Ireland of the Welcomes

To my absolute surprise a friend of mine from America called Maryteresa sent me a beautiful and moving note about her looking through a magazine with her Aunt, who suffers from dementia. 

Lo and behold they came across this article in the publication of Ireland of the Welcomes, and Maryteresa said to herself, 'I think I recognize those images'!
Maryteresa had in fact written to the magazine about my work some months ago, and there it was - a short piece entitled 'Art and Soul' with an overview of my work and practice.

Maryteresa told me, 'My aunt was able to talk a lot just using your paintings, to tell me how they made the roofs of the cottages, and what they used to paint the walls of the house with as well as what her father did with the house'.
'She was able to stay focused on this, and your paintings triggered some good old memories.
5 minutes later she was confused again, but those minutes in Ireland for her were good, thanks'.

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