Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dick Hearns 1907 - 1993

In my last blog post I had talked about my lifelong connection and interest in the art of traditional boxing and martial arts. To follow up I thought to attach these images of my grandfather and his achievements as a boxer and athletics. Last year The Dick Hearns Training and Fitness Center was opened in Ballina, Co. Mayo, in honor of his achievements and great sportsmanship in many different disciplines, not least boxing.

Below is a list of his records which includes the 198 fights in which he won 173. In the 25 contests that ended in defeats, 10 in subsequent bouts proved victorious. 

I remember Papa (Dick) skipping in his late 80's. He was an extraordinarily wonderful, gentle man, and much loved grandfather.

You can click on the image to read the text in large.

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