Friday, May 24, 2013

A New York Diary - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the place we have been staying since arriving in New York this year.
This borough, which I was surprised to find is the most populated borough in New York City, has a motto
which translated from Dutch reads 'Unity makes Strength'.

Last year we spent two months in an area called Bushwick. This year we are living in a neighboring area called Bedford-Stuyvesant colloquially known as Bed-Stuy. Our street is full of beautiful old terraced houses referred to as 'Brown Stones'.

I absolutely love Brooklyn! yesterday I was just saying to Boo that I'm so happy we have got to experience these Brooklyn neighborhoods while at the same time being able to hop into Manhattan each day.

A couple of days ago we met Monica Lisa - Mills, a visual artist, sean-nos singer and teacher, at her studio in Red Hook. Believe it or not, I met Monica this year in Thailand and invited her and her pal Katrina to a party at the place I was staying. In conversation I found out that Monica had first visited the Burren and Ballyvaughan to work on her Art in 2006 and had returned many times. We both could not believe the connection we had made, and kept in touch.

Monica showed us around Red Hook, one of the most visually interesting urban places I have ever been in NYC. It used to be referred to as new Amsterdam, and we had caught a taxi boat over from Manhattan.
Nowadays it is home to many artists studios, boutique shops, pubs, and home brew off-licences.

Hope you enjoy these photos and that they give you a flavor of my time in Brooklyn this year.

But, in my opinion there is nobody that can sum up the 'vibe' of Brooklyn like Mos Def.
So he gets the last Word! (click on the link below)

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