Monday, May 13, 2013

'Reflections of Place', Exhibition Photos

The launch of my show in New York this week was incredible.
There must have been at least one hundred people at the exhibition that night.

Here are a few images from the opening night.

Thanks to all who came and for the incredible interest and support I received both here and from home.
Specially thanks to all who added to or began in there collection of my work.

Can't wait to come back to New York again for my next exhibit.

Tenor and Composer, John DesMarais leaving a note and signing his name in the visitors book.

Ms. Rosemary De Nigris with Joyce Kaplan and friend.

With Michael S. Puma and his lovely wife Kelly.

Ms. Kate Spellman and Ms. Angela Taylor.

My pal, Patrick (Mousey) Connolly with Michael Donner from Rosie O Grady's pub and Patrick's wife Liz.

With Rodney Wiltshire and Antony O'Malley.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan with our friends Angie and Alyia.

Thanks to Pop for taking these photos.

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