Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New York Diary - Manhattan

It can be difficult to explain the atmosphere of New York City. It is not easy to explain the feelings I get.

Alive with the beat of the people and the pulse of a hundred different races all co-existing together under one umbrella, it's a wonderful place. Full of contrasts, full of happenings, fully alive and fully engaged with itself!
Words can not describe it, so I'd hope my paintings, sketches and photos will!

Of course there is the New York everyone recognizes. The branded, brash and bold flashing lights of Time Square and Broadway. Myself and Boo walked there the day before yesterday. Each time I'm there I notice I kind of 'turn off', over sensitized by all the input and superficial nature of that space.

Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon hanging out in Union Square, people watching around 14th Street. Being entertained by countless characters, dancers, singers and fashion victims! It truly is one of the most amazing cities on earth! I Love this City!  

- Richard

(above) $ 1.99 celebrity photo stand across from Mc Donald's just off Broadway.

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