Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Life in Umber and Green

Still Life with Umber and Green (tribute to Chardin and Leffel) - oil on canvas - 12"x10" - sold
(after an original painting by David Leffel) (amended 24th Feb 2014)

Started this piece late last night after a days painting at the RHA.
I always feel really tuned in after a days painting from life at the academy, and it definitely feeds into my studio practice.

The documentary on my Art work and inspiration is to feature this day week, Friday 26th of March 2010, at 7pm on RTE 1. Hope you will tune in to have a look. I'm feeling pretty excited about it!

My Solo Exhibition will open to the public the following day on Saturday the 27th in Malahide Library with the Official opening on Thursday 1st of April at 7pm. More detail to come.

Wish me luck.

- Richard

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*New Website Launch

Dock, 2007 - oil on canvas - 24"x24" - SOLD (Home page Image)

I am delighted to announce the launch of my New Website today.

Hope you will enjoy spending some time browsing the various galleries and content.
Any feedback regarding the new site would be much appreciated.
You can mail me here from the 'painting projects' group or send me a line at .

- Richard

Monday, March 15, 2010

Composition in Green and White

Composition in Green and White (tribute to Chardin and Leffel) - oil on canvas - 12"x10" - sold

As I was discussing in my previous post, my application of paint is I feel becoming improved by studying some masters paintings. I often go into the National Gallery to look at the one Sorolla painting they have there. The boldness and fluency of his brush strokes in this particular piece are just amazing.

I get excited by paint. I love to see the stuff of paint descriptively put on the canvas.

In illustrations or highly finished paintings you may admire the technique for a moment but I feel there is nowhere for you to become evolved - its all spelt out for you.
In this kind of work the image is 'all done' - there is no place for you to get into the painting. There is little or no sensitivity - no mystery.
With paintings like these - I see it, I admire the technique but beyond that there is not much interest - no real emotional contact. It just becomes something I admire because of the technique.

In an Artists painting as appose to an illustrators painting, I feel you are aware of the technique but that's not what is engaging you - its something deeper in the nervous system.

Artists like Sorolla, Chardin, Velasquez and Rembrandt were able, through increased sensitivity to distill reality with a poignant force through there nervous systems.
This is what I feel I have been continually endeavouring to cultivate over the years in my work.
And to keep this sort of engagement and sensitivity alive I have to, through my work, subject matter, media and inspiration constantly challenge myself - expand, evolve, and elevate.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Composition in Umber and Red

Composition in Umber and Red (tribute to Chardin and Leffel) - oil on canvas - 12"x10" - sold
(created after an original artwork entitled 'Composition in Purple and Green' by David Leffel)
(amended 24th Feb 2014)

Just finished this piece yesterday.
By studying some of these old and contemporary masters I find I am really learning a great deal about the stuff of paint.

I will never forget a few months back while I was visiting the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid I saw from a distance a Chardin - I was immediately drawn to it even though it was one of the smallest paintings in the large room and in a inconspicuous place. I'm sure it was the harmoniously earthy palette and flowing brush strokes that captured me.

His work was so fresh and spontaneous that I feel he managed to really capture the essence of what he was observing and never got caught up in finicky detail. The approach Chardin took in my opinion allows the viewer to really get into the painting and become a participant.

Several of my favourite artists have within their work these labour-less 'flowing brush strokes' and naturalist fresh spontaneity.

I will try to expand on this idea in my next few posts.

Reworked my last painting, 'The Artist's Boots' and took a new photo of it for the blog.
See below or follow this link.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Artist's Boots

The Artist's Boots -oil on canvas - 12"x12" - sold

The Artist's Boots - A Painting in the making by Richard Hearns. Music by Kila.

Created this painting and time lapse video over the weekend. Its been over a year since I last recorded myself in the process of painting.

Always find it really interesting to see how I built the image because when I am painting I am hardly thinking at all - It can be like I am just watching semi conscious of the pattern and rhythm of my movements.

If the video is not playing for you above here is a link to it on you tube.
Hope you Enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Red Berries

Red Berries - oil on canvas - 12"x12" - sold
Received word yesterday from Maria Mullarky at RTE television that the documentary on my Work is in its final stages of being edited and will air on Friday the 26th of March as part of the 'Nationwide' programme.
The following day, Saturday the 27th marks the opening of a solo exhibition of my work.
Will have more details to send you soon about that show.


Monday, March 1, 2010

The Japanese Vase

The Japanese Vase (tribute to Chardin and Leffel) - oil on canvas - 12"x10" - sold