Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Newsletter 2016

I'm about to post my Summer Newsletter with details of my coming New York Solo Exhibit and Residency as well as information on my works in San Fransisco, and new studio happenings. 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Large Pine Cone and New Studio Space

Settling into work in my new studio space here in Ballyvaughan has been rewarding. The work space in which I create my representational paintings came together so quickly and I've been in the flow - working whenever possible. ( see image below ).

Here is a piece I recently completed that I made available for purchase through Facebook last week. The piece has now been reserved and purchased. There is a strong chance I'll be taking the work with me to display as part of my coming New York solo show, 'Where Your Treasure Is', which opens November 10th at The Sheen Centre on Bleecker St. Over the coming weeks I may make a number of other pieces available to purchase for your collection in advance of the show. If your interested to see some new works keep an eye out for my coming Summer Newsletter or send me an email to ask what works are available for your collection.

Large Pine Cone, 2016
Oil on Linen on Board.
24 x 18cm.
Reserved for a Private Collection, New York City.