Sunday, April 29, 2012

Burren Wall, Ballyvaughan

Burren Wall, Ballyvaughan - oil/panel - sold

The first of several paintings created on my recent road trip from the west to the south west coast of Ireland.

These wonderful and ancient limestone walls near Ballyvaughan village lent themselves as a perfect subject to the type of 'abstract realism' I am working towards.
In my work I am growing supremely interested in all aspects of the paint itself and the surface quality.
My paintings are not illustrations or mere line drawings coloured in, but are, at there best, explorations of the stuff of paint, and how these oily pigments can be transmuted to represent the environment, and effects of light and shadow, mood and atmosphere.

My work should be always an idea, an inspiration honed down to one clear statement. An impression captured, or as Francis Bacon might have called it, 'a concentration of reallity'.

The above detail illustrates how the paint is applied in broad descriptive, and at times textured 'brush strokes'. I pit texture against none texture, colour against none colour, all relationships are considered.

- Richard

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Road Trip, Plein Air

Below are some photographs taken on my recent road trip which started in Westport, County Mayo and finished in Kinsale, County Cork. It was great to get out into the country side and revisit all the places I have spent time painting, and the chance to discover some spots too.
We drove over 1400kms, the weather was, believe it or not, wonderful for the majority of the trip, so I got to make some paintings in each location.

Will post images of painting made in the coming days.
Until then hope you enjoy a few of the pics I took.

A view of Croke Patrick across Clew bay, Co. Mayo

Bertra Strand, Co. Mayo

Ashleigh Falls, Connemara

Killary Harbour from Co. Galway

Fanore, the Burren Co. Clare

St Finians Bay, Co. Kerry

View from Bolus Head, Ballinskeilligs, Co. Kerry

Over the Lakes of Killarney, Co. Kerry

Kinsale, Co Cork

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition 2012

Hello Everyone,
Wanted to let you all know that my painting 'The Golden Oil Bottle' has been accepted into this years Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition. 

The Official opening of this exhibit takes place on Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 6pm at the Royal Hibernian Academy on 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2.

For reserve and purchase of this piece please contact the Royal Hibernian Academy at +353 1 661 2558, or email

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

En Plein Air, New York

Just starting to post the first few photos of Plein air oil sketches I made in and around the boroughs of New York City. These painting were created on location during my three month trip there between my studio work and organizing for my solo exhibition.
I tried to get outside to paint as much as possible. It proved a wonderful way to integrate with the people who lived in the various neighbourhoods. One afternoon I was even brought a delicious slice of apple tart to keep me going!

You will be able to view these pieces as I post them on Facebook. Follow this link to view the album. - En Plein Air, New York City.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Road Trip, En Plein Air

My Plein air bits and bobs.

Arrived home to Dublin on Wednesday last and have been settling in as best I can after our recent and unforgettable three month New York experience.

Now I am excited and focused on finding a new studio space (any help with this is most welcome). Until my studio work can commence, I will work again in the open landscape.

Next Wednesday I will set of on a week long road trip across and down the west coast of Ireland, beginning in County Mayo and Connemara, Galway, then onto The Burren, County Clare, and along the Clare coast where I will catch the ferry across to Tarbert in County Kerry. In Kerry I will visit the beautiful town of Kenmare and then take a day to drive around and re visit the famous ring of Kerry. After Kerry I will travel further south to the beautiful seaside town of Kinsale and enjoy the west cork coastal roads.

My Plein air bits and bobs are all packed. Can't wait to let loose and enjoy the fresh air, space and weather.

Also, a short note of appreciation and thanks for all those wonderful notes of support, well wishes and encouragement I received during my New York trip. They are much appreciated and treasured. - Richard

Plein air bits and bobs all packed, and ready to go!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Most of All,

Brazilian Artist and Class Montor Lucas Melo and Myself.

A final day at the League culminated with the setting down of my second New York Exhibition.

Yesterday I handed the last purchased piece to a new collector here in New York City.
The experience gained and lessons learned on this trip have been great, in fact I am sure that many of the learned experiences I have had here will be metastasizing in me over the coming weeks and months.

Most of all, the experience of meeting so many wonderful people here, making new friends and in meeting new collectors. Learning what they work at, where their heritage lies and what their interests are.

Me and my friend Martin.

I have always been interested in people, and enjoy meeting new people. New York City is amazing for that - all the new faces, all the lives that pass you by on the street as they hurry towards their destinations in a seemingly chaotic mishmash.

One thing this three month trip has re-enforced in me is my love of humanity, my love of people and the knowledge that there exists so much good inherent in each of us.

- Richard