Wednesday, October 21, 2015

North Light with Tea Pot and Pumpkins

It's all about Halloween here in New Orleans. In fact it's hard to find food that hasn't got additional pumpkin in it. Even the coffees have some additional flavour from the cucirbit (squash) family.

I created this painting entitled North Light with Tea Pot and Pumpkins just before I left to New York. It's found its way into a very special collection north of here in Scarbourough, Maine.

Hope you like it.

Best wishes from The Big Easy.

- Richard 

North Light with Tea Pot and Pumpkins - oil on canvas - 20"x20". Private Collection, Maine ME.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Branch, 2015 - oil on canvas - 28"x24"
Private Collection, New York City.

Posting this image which featured at the first of three 'private collectors get togethers' organised in New York City this month.

I'm on the Amtrack train back to New York from Boston after a three day stay and adventure around the city's museums and universities. I've been documenting my journey and various points of interest on my Instagram and Facebook account. I'd encourage you all to look me up there if your interested to see this US trip and exhibits documented more closely.

Myself and Boo are having an incredible, interesting, inspirational and uplifting journey here.

Best wishes from somewhere along the New England railway line.

- Richard