Friday, January 31, 2014

Vessel and Grapes at Jorgensen Fine Art

Vessel and Grapes - oil on canvas - 16"x12" - sold
Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin. 
Private Collection, Cyprus

The paintings for my solo exhibit, 'The Rural Idyll' are now on preview display at the Jorgensen Fine Art Gallery in Dublin. The official launch night happens this coming Thursday 6th of February and the one man exhibition will run until at least February 22nd.

Really hope you can get into see it.

Here is a photo of the finished painting entitled, 'Vessel and Grapes' which features in this show.
Hope you like it.

- Richard

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Rural Idyll, Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin

My solo exhibition ' The Rural Idyll ' will open this day week, Thursday February 6th 2014.
Jorgensen Fine Art, 14 Hibernian Way
(off Dawson Street), Dublin 2.
6pm Reception.

This exhibit is scheduled to run until February 22nd 2014.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Old Shed with Bath and Barrels, Ballyvaughan.

Old Shed with Bath and Barrels, Ballyvaughan - oil on canvas - 32" x26" - sold

Another large plein air piece which was began during the summer months last year and completed in my studio more recently. I can't wait to see this painting all framed up and on display at my solo exhibit.
My solo exhibition entitled 'The Rural Idyll' opens at Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin on Thursday February 6th. I am getting excited now!

- Richard

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Outhouse & The Rural Idyll

The Outhouse - oil on canvas - 36"x28" - sold
Private Collection, South Africa

I began this large painting en plein air (outdoors and on location) sometime during the summer months.
This ruin of an Outhouse is found just up the road from where I live. It's located in the back garden of a previous subject and painting I made entitled, 'Nilan's Ruin'.
That painting, which I loved, has found it's way into a very special collection in New York City!

Over the months since beginning this painting I returned to work on it both on site and in studio.
A few weeks ago I put the finishing touches to this canvas. All that is left now is to varnish this painting and get it ready to display!

- Richard

Friday, January 10, 2014

Brian Friel - Irish dramatist.

Wonderful Article on Brian Friel in yesterday's Irish Times celebrates this living Legend. .
The Portrait above of Brian was made by Colin Davidson.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

We are Ghosts among these Hills

We are Ghosts among these Hills - oil on canvas - 40"x30"

This painting has it's basis in sketches and memories created during walks in the Burren. There is a place called Abbey Hill that I often visit. Along the path of that hill are wall
s which snake up, down and across the surrounding landscape. Some of these 'slab walls' made up of limestone and granite are ancient. One or two of these walls in particular speak to me. Through the different styles of arrangements and patterns I can sense the hands that built them.

On a clear day there are great views to the north over Galway Bay. It is surrounded on the other sides by the bare limestone hills of the Burren.

- Richard

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Minute in Paradise.

Richard Hearns - Irish Visual Artist and Painter from Richard Hearns on Vimeo.

It's exactly one year to the day when this short video piece was shot by the Dutch Art Director, Jeroen Mol.

I'll admit, I am definitely rethinking wintering in Ireland at this stage! Have you seen the weather we have been having on the West coast?
Thought it would be nice and nostalgic to share this minute in paradise with you again.

- Richard

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sharing, PHQ4 - Biennial of World Images

Just in November of last year I came across an incredible exhibit of photography during a trip to Paris.

One of the many photographers that captured me at this open air installation was the work of the Taiwanese artist Stanley Fung. I also was really taken by Rony Zakaria series entitled 'Men Mountains and the Sea' which depicted rituals devoted to the mountains, the sea and the spirit of place in his native Indonesia.

These are the very best group of images I could find to link to to illustrate the group exhibit.

Hope you enjoy the work.

- Richard

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SEPIL Commission 005 - The Prefab & Happy New Year.

The Prefab - oil on canvas

During a visit to the Aughoose site at the Corrib Project I was asked to change into my safety gear in one of the many prefabricated temporary structures. The feeling of time held still was palpable as I looked around the small room at the workers kit slung here and there.

The scene spoke to me of a feeling of each individual, their well worn work clothes and boots, and reminded me of the wonderfully poignant Sean Keating drawing of 1926-27 entitled 'The Bunkhouse' (see below) which illustrated the tough living conditions in which the workers at Ardnacrusha found themselves in the 1920's.

So many of the project sites at Corrib are semi permanent, with much land being reconstituted as phases get completed, and I often get the feeling when on site, that even though the scale of the project is quite massive the untamed landscape that surrounds still dominates.

The painting above entitled 'The Prefab' is a work in progress.
Since starting this commissioned project I now have fifteen of these oils under construction or near completed. The project has taken up a good deal of my studio time this year but continues to be such a rewarding, interesting and developmental challenge for me.

I am sure 2014 will present even more excitement and development in all aspects of this commissioned project and am really looking forward to growing the scope of the work together with the SEPIL team in the New Year.

I am also excited to open my Solo Show at Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin on February 6th and a return to exhibit in New York City and Connecticut in April 2014.

Wishing everyone at home and abroad a very Happy, Creative and Prosperous New Year 2014.

- Richard



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