Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New York City Solo Show Preview

Preview a selection of the Art Works to feature in my 1st New York City Solo Show here on my Official Website.

All Paintings are on available for reserve and purchase in advance on the Official Opening on May 25th by contacting me at , on my facebook page or by phone + 353 1 (0)86 216 1135.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York Solo Show Invite

My Solo Show invite for my upcoming New York City Expo.
Please feel free to copy, share and forward this information to any interested partiesboth at home and abroad.

Tomorrow you will be able to preview of a selection of paintings to feature in this show on my Website.

Date: Wednesday May 25, 2011
Time: 5:30pm 7:00pm
Place: The Dillon Hall in the Archbishop’s Office at 1011 First Avenue, 20th Floor.

Show runs until Tuesday May 31st.

All Art Works Will be available for reserve and purchase in advance of the Opening night by contacting me at

Many Thanks - Richard

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Old Boat House, NYC Solo Show & PayPal

The Old Boat House, Westport House - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold
Private Collection New York City.

I had been walking through the grounds of Westport house, which is situated close to the Quay, for some days before I noticed this small path that lead through the forest towards the back of the old boat house which sits on the bank partly submerged in the water on Clew bay.

As quick as I could I ran to the studio and grabbed up my easel and paints and made my way back to this spot.
I was off the beaten track with no inquisitive passers by. The warm light was filtering through the many trees and the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind made for a magical experience as I painted. The stippled light and colours of the soil, foliage and rusted shed made for a most wonderful subject. I was truly captivated.

Hope to launch images of Art Works to feature in my upcoming New York Solo Expo on my Official Website by Wednesday next for you all to see. I have also finally developed a PayPal 'Purchase' link (see above) which I hope to attach to all my available pieces. This will enable you to make a simple and direct purchase of my Art Work to add to your collection.

Many thanks for all the emails of support and well wishes for my New York Solo Expo.
More details to follow shortly. - Richard

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Owenwee Cottage

Among the Trees, Owenwee Cottage - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold

Particularly proud of this little study in oils. Definitely captured the atmosphere of light and place. - Richard

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long Shadows in Evening Light

Long Shadows in Evening Light, Rosbeg, Co. Mayo - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold
Available for Purchase - contact:

Received the some really exciting news and confirmation on my upcoming New York Solo Exhibition.

My Show will be Officially Opened by New York's Archbishop, His Excellency, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan and will take place on Wednesday May 25th at 5.30pm in 'The Dillon Hall' on 1011 First Avenue, NY 10022.

I would like to take this oppertunity to thank all the staff who have been involved in organising this Exhbition of my Art Work in New York City.

More information on this Solo Show to come over the next week or so. - Richard

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Garden Walls & Bench, Westport House

The Garden Walls & Bench, Westport House - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold
Private Collection New York City.

What a magnificent experience it has been painting around the grounds of Westport house these past couple of weeks. For this piece I parked myself up on the grass in front of the Caretakers -Liam and Eileen's house, and to my joy I was presented with one of the very best cups of tea and a lovely fruit scone I have ever experienced.

- Richard

Friday, May 6, 2011

Light over the Bridge, Westport House

Light over the Bridge, Westport House - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold

Just back from painting in the forests close to the grounds at Westport House, and boy am I happy about that! There is (for me) just nothing that compares to getting out with your palette and easel to start the day.

This piece above was created some days ago at the bridge in Westport House close to the inlet from Clew bay. Men were fishing for trout close by, and stopped to come over to see what I was doing.

The warm light that day was simply radiant, creating beautiful patterns and cool shadows.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Old Curragh, Murrisk Pier

The Old Curragh, Murrisk Pier - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold

Just love the design and painterly application in this piece.
Plein air painting forces you to find strong designs in the landscape around you. If those sort of design elements are not there or are somewhat scattered, this in turn forces you to create even more from the elements you do have, and develops in you a stronger awareness and design sensibility.

Editing and or simplifying I feel has to be a big part of any truly successful painting (even a sketch in oil). I keep telling myself to 'distill'. Distill the most important elements in the nature and landscape that surrounds me. I also endeavor to keep my concept and initial inspiration for the piece at the forefront of my mind.

By doing all of the above while at the same time painting 'well' allows me to really learn and grow as a person and an Artist with each painting I create.

- Richard

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cill Cre, Murrisk Pier

Cill Cre, Murrisk Pier - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold

A quick spin along the coast road from my Studio brings you to Murrisk, a small village at the foot of Croke Patrick. Just before the village there is a turn off onto a small bridge that takes you across to an outcrop of land. Its there I found this beached old boat called 'Cill Cre'.

- Richard

Monday, May 2, 2011


Samantha - oil/panel - 7"x5" - available

Sitting out the back of the old boat yard at the end of the Quay I found this boat named 'Samantha' nestling in the long grasses and surrounded by trees with the reek off in the distance. I thought it made for an interesting composition and subject. With three closely related tones I set the mood and I feel I went some way to really capturing the spring light and atmosphere that seemed to diffuse everything.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lobster Pots

Lobster Pots - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold

Started painting outdoors a few days ago. It is for me the most invigorating way to work - the fresh air, sounds and smells and excitement of what you might find when walking about with your easel and palette in hand, not to mention the challenge that the weather and changing light presents.

The Reddish Pink buoys and semi triangular shape of the pile of Lobster pots attracted me to this scene close to my studio on Westport Quey. My mission was to simplify this quite complex mass, which included different coloured ropes, pots and buoys and into a simplified and unified whole. My concept was to concentrate my efforts into making a strong focal point (the Bouy at bottom right resting between bars) by building the image up from the outset through simplifying the various forms and working the whole image at once so as not to get caught in detail until the final marks.

This sort of a concept enables me to finish the painting 'Alla Prima' - in one sitting.

Hope you like it. - Richard