Thursday, August 11, 2016

What is It?

What's the pictorial concept for a work like this?
What's the initial excitement that draws me in and makes me want to transmute, filter and communicate? 

John O' Donohue described the moment of inspiration so beautifully in his poem, The Artist at the Start of Day - 
'Your eyes seduced by some unintended glimpse
That cut right through the surface to a source'.

Every once and a while a piece just presents itself like this, forcefully communicating an idea for you to investigate. 

With this work it was all about illustrating a hierarchy of 'edges' described by gradated light. 

I posted an image of this work accompanied by a number of other recently created pieces in my latest newsletter. This piece has been reserved and purchased in advance of my coming NYC solo show in November.

'Lilies', 2016
oil on canvas,
50x40cm [20x16in]
Private Collection, New York City.

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