Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monk's Hydrangeas

Every weekend is 'market weekend' for Boo and her Thai cooking stall at the Kinvara and Ballyvaughan farmers markets. Many other local producers, artisans and musicians also take part to make these markets the special weekly events that they are for the larger community and visitors.

One very special market seller is Michael Monk - previously owner of the famous and renowned Monk's Pub and Seafood restaurant at the pier in Ballyvaughan, Micheal retired some years ago from the publican trade, and became as famous for his 'spuds', (potatoes to the uninitiated) and as a local vegetable farmer in Ballyvaughan.

Michael, having never lost his Dublin charm, is also partial to gifting girls with flowers! A couple of weekends ago Boo was the recipient of these Hydrangeas from Michael's garden.  I thought it would make a great composition for a 'sight size' painting with it's strong leaf flowerhead of reds and pinks.

In life and art it's ultimately the combination of curved lines and straight lines that brings about perceived beauty. Through the deliberate balancing of the strength and order of the straight lines in this composition I plotted a foundational vehicle in which to place the grace and elegance of the curve - it's the balance between them that provides the life and structure of the painting.

I'm looking forward to showing this piece to Michael Monk on Saturday. I think he will get a surprise by his gift of flowers now immortalised in paint.

Hope you like it.

- Richard

Monk's Hydrangeas
oil on linen - 60x60cm [24x24inches]
Reserved for my coming New York Solo Show.
Contact, for more information.

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