Monday, September 5, 2016


I began this painting in Germany at the Kunstacademie in Bad Reichenhall. Nestled close to the Austrian city of Salzburg, the area in which the studios and academy are situated is alpine, and the surrounding mountains are scared with trails leading deep into the landscape.
My palette and gestures here seem to reflect the excitement I felt and the powerful 'exchange' I experienced during my time there.
It's been three months or so since I last shared any images of my large scale informal abstract paintings. Over the last number of weeks I have begun to work on, and complete a number of these pieces. Here is an image of one such work which is on it's to an important collection in Dublin.
Hope you enjoy it. - Richard Hearns
Commercium (Exchange), 2016.
oil on linen - 178x135cm.
Private Collection, Ireland.

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